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This is a remake of an old Pokemon forum called The Secret Pikachu Hangout (Called TSPH for short)
We have a variety of topics and a bunch of friendly members.
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by ~Lady Jirachu~
Sept 29, 2019 10:45:50 GMT
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This board is for threads that are about news of other members.

This board is where really important things that aren't quite forum announcement materials are posted. Stuff I really want members here to see. If you see new posts in this thread, you MUST look at them asap. it'll make me happy if you do :)

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If you're new make a thread about it here :)

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Make clubs about things you like (but NOTHING inappropriate, okay?) here. Will have an official set of rules that should be followed at all times. Likely will have the korrina club stickied. Other clubs will also get me talking about and focusing on things that aren't Korrina xD Like flowers and video games.

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Discuss Pokémon topics that have no place anywhere else.

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Discuss the Pokémon Anime

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Talk about the Pokemon Manga series here.

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Talk about the best pokemon character and who this forum is all about!! YAY :3

Note: Filled with adorable fangirling by Lady Jirachu <3 awww.

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Discuss things related to the upcoming games, Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield.

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Discuss Pokémon games outside the main series, such as Snap, Mystery Dungeon, or Shuffle

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A board for fun pokemon showdown related topics (the url: https://pokemonshowdown.com/ ). Please no drama. This game is a favourite of mine so it needs its own board!^^ Share replays, stratagy and team ideas, ext. All things showdown!

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Talk about all things Nintendo, from the NES to the Switch!

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~Lady Jirachu~: I'm glad i'm feeling better now :) i'm gonna try to keep being strong. I greatly dislike making people feel sad or worried. Dec 17, 2019 5:29:49 GMT
Ascended Dialga: Be strong always, Jirachu. We all love you here Dec 19, 2019 21:15:22 GMT
~Lady Jirachu~: Thanks Dialga. I never wanna lose Korrina. I know sometimes I go a bit far with her, but she means so much to me, i wanna believe i'll be rewarded, rather than punished, for being with her....(plus i don't think my crush on her hurts anyone :3) Dec 20, 2019 22:26:27 GMT
~Lady Jirachu~: (as long as....no one makes me feel sad about my crush :< then i go beserk and whine to everyone. losing her is a beserk button for me) Dec 20, 2019 22:27:13 GMT
~Lady Jirachu~: Wow, drama in the comments O.o; wondering if i should remove it or not :P the holidays sure stressed us all out....(glad now they're over. talk about a crazy holiday @_@) Dec 27, 2019 19:27:10 GMT
Princess Twilight Sparkle: Putting in a test comment Jan 1, 2020 18:25:15 GMT
Princess Twilight Sparkle: colours Jan 1, 2020 18:25:17 GMT
Princess Twilight Sparkle: It seems every time I say "colour" without the U on either proboards forum it adds the u automatically Jan 1, 2020 18:25:47 GMT
Princess Twilight Sparkle: same with "favourite" Jan 1, 2020 18:26:50 GMT
Princess Twilight Sparkle: Not that I mind Jan 1, 2020 18:27:02 GMT
Princess Twilight Sparkle: I'll never be able to stomach fruit proper, but at least I can drink juice, even sparkling Jan 1, 2020 18:49:40 GMT
~Lady Jirachu~: Hi twilight :3 I like regular fruit most x3 the fleshiness is nice too Jan 1, 2020 20:55:28 GMT
~Lady Jirachu~: I like 2020 so far. This new years day has been fun^^ Jan 1, 2020 20:55:40 GMT
~Lady Jirachu~: thekorrinafanklub.proboards.com/thread/1326/get-sparkle-on Korrina would look good with a glitter ponytail. *drool* Jan 7, 2020 9:47:08 GMT
Greninja, use Water Shuriken!: The U versions of the words "colour" and "favourite" are the British versions of the words. Jan 11, 2020 14:59:04 GMT
~Lady Jirachu~: I hope 2020 is a nice year for me :) Jan 11, 2020 15:25:47 GMT
~Lady Jirachu~: Korrina is so pretty^^ i love her short little skirt...hehe....<3 i wish i could smooch her. I've been sad today. Winter and...well, mum. I'm trying to relax and feel better now, though :) rose geranium oil probably helps... Jan 11, 2020 16:41:19 GMT
~Lady Jirachu~: KORRINA LETS GO ON A DATE. Should we go for fancy dinner? Or visit the battle maison? X3333; Jan 13, 2020 8:46:42 GMT
~Lady Jirachu~: I wonder if they have a restaurant at the battle maison building...*grasp's korrina's hand and blushes like mad* RPing (EDIT: and fangirling :3) on this forum makes me feel happy :) :D Jan 13, 2020 8:47:36 GMT *
jhg: Is this accurate: www.thegamer.com/ranking-the-pokemon-gym-leaders-based-on-attractiveness/ Jan 17, 2020 7:23:47 GMT